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KnowYourDNA.com - A US site that helps you make more informed DNA testing choices, whether tracing ancestry, predicting addiction or looking at intolerance or allergies.

Mesotheliomahub - Including Mental Health support during Cancer treatment.

New Mouth - A General US Dental site; I have linked to its Addiction and oral hygiene page.



Addiction Resource - A guide to Addiction Rehab Centres and Programs in the US.

Addiction Treatment Services - Helping you find personalized addiction treatment

Alcohol rehab help - A guide you to the best rehabilitation and treatment resources. Including information on sobering up and shakes and tremors.

Bedrock Recovery Centre - providing individuals with tailored treatment plans for addiction, trauma, and co-occurring disorders.

Chapters Recovery Centre - Individualised Treatment in MA

Charles River Recovery - helping individuals including those addicted to Xanax and other benzodiazepines.

Childhood trauma and addiction - Information and treatment (Safe & Sound Treatment)

Coastal Detox - Drug and alcohol recovery centre in Florida - Plenty of useful resources and programs.

Detox Centres - in Brentwood Springs, Nashville and West Tennessee.

Need a detox in the USA? See if DetoxRehabs is for you.

Drug Dangers - A US site providing info on defective medical devices.

Drug Rehab - Another US web resource that provides information and support to people fighting drug and alcohol misuse and abuse.

rehabnet.com - A further US web resource that provides information and support to people fighting drug and alcohol misuse and abuse.

Eating Disorders - Information and resources by Within Health, treatments for all including for the elderly.

First City Recovery Center - Indiana Drug & Alcohol Treatment.

Free by the Sea - Drug and alcohol recovery centre

Free Grants for Veterans - Find Free grants for veterans in all 50 states and major cities

Free Rehab Centres  - Free Drug and alcohol recovery centres in the US. Plus information on Free versus State funded Rehab

As Quitting Smoking will help combat MS, a US sites that should help you quit, Tobacco Free Life

Granite Recovery Centres - Providing treatment and information on signs of drug dependence including on Signs of a Benzodiazepine Overdose

Harmony Place - LA based drug and alcohol recovery centres and resources

Intrepid Discovery - Florida based drug and alcohol recovery centres and resources

Journey Pure - A New Approach Treating Military Trauma & Addiction

Lung Cancer and Mental Health

Live Free Recovery Services - Live Free Recovery, which has two rehab centers in New Hampshire, can provide comprehensive addiction recovery services for a number of addictions.

Long Island Interventions - Addiction Treatment and Intervention Experts based in New York.

North Illinois Recovery Center - Addiction Treatment and Resources in Northern Illinois

North Jersey Recovery Center -  connecting people to proper drug & alcohol recovery options.

New Leaf Detox & Treatment - Focused on alcohol use disorder treatment.

Ohio Recovery Center - Detox & Inpatient Treatment With A Multidisciplinary Approach

Overdose Prevention & Harm Reduction - Information and resources by White Light Behavioural Health, a treatment and prevention centre based in Columbus, OH.

Recall Report - A US health site, with information for specific groups as well as the latest on dangerous medical products and drugs that are out there.

Recovering Champions - personalized addiction treatment through evidence-based practices, trauma counselling, and treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders.

Recreate Behavioral Health - Recreate a Future Without Drug Addiction and Alcoholism

The Recovery Village - US site Helping those struggling with substance abuse into recovery

Silvermistrecovery - US site on the link between Childhood Trauma & Addiction in Adulthood.

Spring Hill Recovery is a US specialist in recovery from addiction, trauma or something else.

TN Detox Center - Find expert care in Nashville

Tulip Hill Recovery  A Compassionate Addiction Treatment Option In Murfreesboro, TN.

VeteranRehab.org - Addiction and Mental Health Resources for Veterans.

Wavelengths Recovery - A resource on 7 key life skills for people in recovery to educate and support our communities.

A resource based around Wellness

Westwind Recovery - A comprehensive and client-centered program in LA; aimed at sustainable recovery.


DIRECT-MS - (DIet RE search into the Cause and Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis)- A charity set-up to raise money to fund these much needed proper clinical trials into the role of nutritional factors in ms  

www.life-in-spite-of-ms - The name says it all

Karan's Corner - Karan's journey to healing and acceptance have involved trying many a costly therapy which did her no good whatsoever. This spiritual, inspirational and encouraging site shares all Karan's experiences and proves that Persistance Pays, Attitude is Crucial and that Faith CAN move Mountains.

MS-UK (formerly The Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre's (MSRC)) Webpage- Don't miss out of their inspiring magazine "New Pathways". Get your hands on a copy today!

My Experience with MS - Linda's journey of healing and MS

Very Well Health have a MS information section


Squiffy's House of Fun - This site will have you rolling about.



Accelerated Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis - This is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to curing Multiple Sclerosis (MS) by determining the cause of MS-Check out their webpage and help them along in their ambitious and worthwhile project!

Read all about Qi Gong and how it help's Ivonne, from Germany to Live with Multiple Sclerosis. There is a lot to be learnt here and many words of wisdom to be found on this webpage!

Myelin Repair Foundation - To rapidly accelerate the discovery of myelin repair treatments to improve the lives of people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

More great MS Health boosting pages !

Help Dealing with MS

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New Pathways


Recommended Books


Please keep in mind that you will find useful links within the articles on my site that are not repeated here.

Sylvie’s Autobiography

Inc Health Diary

Sylvie in

the Media

How to


with MS



with MS





Sylvie’s Poems



Supporting Your Health Sites - UK

The Cornell Centre - I went there when addressing my food allergies

Cruising with a Food Allergy - Interesting Food Allergy Article, advice for when you cruise.

Gerald Green Herbal Treatments - The work of a Master of Herbal Medicine, I bought off him & Karin, his successor. Unfortunately she no longer sells treatments, but the info is still good.

Mechat eXtra -Pages written by the members, for the members, of MEchat, an email support list for ME sufferers and their families in the UK

My Wavelength - This Amazing webpage is the place to find friends online.

Therapy Directory - connecting you with the Professionals you need

Supporting Your Health Sites - USA


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