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Incorporating our Family Website

The Bear Family The Brown Family The Buskwood Family The Fisher Family The Wright Family

The original idea was to commemorate the passing in 2012 of Dennis Brown and Sidney Fisher, the idea then expanded to make dust and stars a stand alone family website, but now we have decided it fits best as part of an expanded Living With MS Site as they are all Sylvie Wright’s relatives.

Why is the website called dust and stars?

The family members currently represented / mentioned on this site are

James Frederick Bear (14.03.1882 - 12.06.1960)

Mary Bear (nee Hunnable) (24.12.1880 - 11.09.1944)

James Frances (Jim) Bear (25.07.1909 - 26.06.1998)

Joseph Abbott (Joe or Max) Bear (25.5.1921 - ??.??.2006)

Dennis Brown (20.04.1928-04.03.2012)

Matthew Brown

Sally Brown (nee Fisher) (14.01.1941 - 20.07.2022)

Margaret Buskwood (06.07.1924 - 03.01.2013)

Kathleen Fisher (nee Bear) (08.08.1907 - 24.11.2001

Sidney Fisher (11.12.1910 - 12.02.2012)

Marcus Wright

Steve Wright (27.06.1956 - 11.08.2020)

Sylvia Wright

(Over time other family members may be added)

Please visit their individual site pages.

Any comments or suggestions please contact the webmaster

Mainly because it was the name of Sidney's autobiography, but also because it possibly reflects where we came from and where we may return to.

The sections for Dennis Brown, Sally Brown, Steve Wright and Sidney fisher currently reflect what was said when they died, as well as  showing some photographs of them. Steve and Sally’s former sites are now hosted on this site.

James Frederick Bear who was a Conscientious Objector during World War 1 and because of this was imprisoned in Dartmoor is represented by documents from the time.

Other family members currently feature in a more minor way within the site.

The sections for all those mentioned above will be further developed over the coming years, priority for 1916 is to add further to the section for James Frederick Bear.

Sylvie Wright's Family Present and Past The Bear Family The Brown Family The Buskwood Family The Fisher Family The Wright Family