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Memories of Steve Wright

From his and Sylvia’s friends and family

Steve was a great guy and he will be missed by many.

Verni & Kay

Whenever I came to visit you (Sylvia), Steve gave me a warm and friendly welcome and we had interesting conversation.

Keith Austin

Stephen was the uncle I was closest to, he took me to my first football match and gave me wise advice when I was a kid and frankly, needed it. He was very kind and supportive to me. I have fond memories of him and he’ll be dearly missed

Nick Davidson

(Steve) Such a crazy big hearted guy, with a zest for life. I was always eternally grateful to him for fixing up Daniel’s scooters when something went wrong - it never seemed to be a problem for him even though it sometimes took a while and then he didn’t want to charge me!!

Sharon Buchbaum

Steve was a larger than life character who will be greatly missed. May your memories of him soften the sadness.

Jay, Jess & Bek

I can only imagine how subdued and quiet the house must feel - Steve was such a  force field of irrepressible and irreplaceable energy, such colour, drive and laughter.                                                  Graeme Brown

We always were happy to see Steve. He would always turn up in a different American car with a huge smile on his face. Steve would always come into the office and we would exchange tales with much laughter going on, sometimes for several hours..We are missing him already. Our favourite story is the one about him catching the thief when the tide came in and Steve’s eagle eye spotting his camera being stolen and how he punished the thief. Our intention is to park outside the crematorium in an American car and salute our friend.

From Mal, Paul and all at Spurr Classic Cars

On behalf of Pride Mobility Products I’d like to express our deep regret at Steve’s passing. He was one of our most memorable dealers for many years and he will be much missed. Our thoughts are with you and the family especially for the 6th October. (Date of funeral)

Rowena Wright

It's so hard to think that my lovely Uncle Steve is no longer here , I can't really believe it .

Stephen Singleton

Steve was a great character, that I warmed to instantly, RIP xxxx

Paul Staveley

Steve's passing came as a shock to me so I can only guess at what Sylvia and Marcus are going through. I never met Steve in person. I called him when a mobility company ripped me off about 17 years ago. I called him on the Friday and he said to leave the problem with him and he would call me back on Monday. I thought that was that. But he did phone me on the Monday and arranged to send me a scooter on Thursday, all on the basis of a verbal handshake over the phone. He was so good to me and I never hesitated to send other people to him. From my point of view, he was a genuinely good and kind man and I feel the world has a huge Steve shaped hole in it now.

Sue Nami

Stephen was the youngest of our mums 8 brothers and sisters . She used to tell us that as a baby people would gasp at how beautiful he was. We would go to visit our grandparents in their lovely house on Oak Hill Road and we’d always know if Stephen was in, as his racing bike would be leaning against the back door. He was always pleased to see us and he would be there getting spoilt by grandma who made him fried egg sandwiches and banana milk shakes. Sometimes he would be up in his bedroom listening to his heavy rock music at a deafening volume, I used to ask if grandma minded but she didn’t appear to.  He worked at a bakery and decorated wedding cakes, we thought that was very clever.

Sarah Singleton

I am so so sorry for your loss, he was a wonderful kind generous man who always made me laugh and smile and he was also a rock for me in bad times and still gave me chances even though I didn't deserve it. I remember the wonderful stories he told me and the funny jokes, I will never forget them or you Steve or those bloody cars which where your babies. I'm glad of our last conversation as we both made peace, as he was a man that wanted best for people, to build people up. I'm honoured to have called him a friend. You fly Steve, high you fly so high and rest in peace, sleep tight, god bless.

Natasha Golding

I met Steve several years ago and liked him right away. He was extremely friendly in the short time that I visited with him and Sylvia at their home in the keys. I didn't want to leave but I was blessed with their company for a few days.

RJ Burns

I met Steve last year in Brazil and we have been friends ever since. We had some good laughs and shared a common sense of humour.


No matter what, Steve will be missed by everyone who met him as real nice and warm guy.


He is my great FRIEND. I am suffering a lot in his absence, my feeling to all of you


I can remember when Steve used to come round my house, we talked and talked about what’s going on in his life, about his cars, his son and Sylvia. In such friendship you can be rude occasionally. It was a good friendship of over 10 years and during that time I never ever asked Steve what his last name was, as it wasn’t necessary to know.

Alan Mathieson

The worst feeling in life is the unexpected loss of those that we hold dear to us. My heart couldn’t take it and it couldn’t sink into my brain when I learnt the news of the loss of my beloved caring and loving Steve. He will always own a special place in my heart because he has been a wonderful person to all of us.

Winnie Nayiiga

I am so very sorry to hear about the loss of Steve. Although I only met him a few times, he seemed to grasp life with the same ferociousness as you (Sylvie). It was a joy to see you together.

Vicki Wright

Sylvie, I think of Steve, from every occasion when I spent time with you both, as an amazingly cheerful and positive man with a big heart. I'll never forget the first time we met, at the "Horseshoe" on Big Pine Key and discovered that we all hailed from Sheffield!! He carried you into the water so you could swim, and then back out again. On another occasion he brought you to visit us in our little house on Big Pine. He must have been an amazing support to you all the years you were together and helped you cope as your limitations increased.

Hilary Blythe

Steve was a wonderful and funny man and he suited you (Sylvie) so well.

Ann-Cathrin Bergli

Thank you to everyone for your kind words, memories and messages, they really do reflect the man he was as does this last photo really sums up Steve’s attitude to life, have fun with it, and then some, whilst it last.

Sylvie Wright

Sylvie Wright's Family Present and Past

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Sara has known Sylvia since secondary school. We will miss seeing Steve on our visits. He was always friendly and very accommodating, with a wicked sense of humour. We'll miss him explaining that Sylvia can't come to the phone as she's out running, or recovering from a hangover or upstairs with her toy-boy! Steve was a larger than life character and a force of nature, with forthright views on every subject and an infectious enthusiasm for life - we'll miss him.'

Sara and Chris xx

My main memory of Steve is of him driving us in a big red car. I also remember he had a loud voice and a positive attitude to life.


Steve was a wonderful person, he was 1 in a million.


Both my husband and me, think Steve was a gentleman, a nice man, we are sorry to say we lost a very good friend, he was aces. He was always jolly and we miss him so much.

Linda McNairn

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To my memories of Steve

We didn’t know Steve for very long  but in the time we did he really made an impression on us, to the extent that I rang to speak to him yesterday as a friend only to find he’d died.

We met by chance really after my wifes new buggy was due its third set of batteries within 12 months which we bought from a Chesterfield dealer that we’ll never use again. Steve diagnosed the problem and sorted it for us under guarantee at zero cost to us.

Paul & Lyn Churchill

It’s such a shock to hear of his passing. He helped me numerous times over the years and he was always enthusiastic and such a great guy to deal with.  So helpful, knowledgeable and able, with his obvious conscientious, personally focused, service, I feel the loss of such a vibrant, caring and witty person emotionally and will miss my occasional opportunities to talk with him.

He supplied two mobility scooters to my mum over the time I knew him and helped me to keep them and others in good running order by his advice and supply of parts, batteries etc.  My Mum loved talking with him and he was always patient and helpful.

Dave Hodges

I was so shocked to hear of Steve’s passing Sherree and I have you in our thoughts, over the years Steve supplied me with two power chairs and  five scooters which totally transformed my life.

Ian Davey

or Steve, Ta Ta Sweetheart