2nd May 1967 to 15 May 2001

Rest in peace

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-- Posted by Keith on 12:03 pm on May 17, 2001

It is with great sadness that I have to report the death of Ian White (Sheffield Traveling Valiants).  Ian had been suffering from illness for a number of weeks and tragically took his own life early yesterday morning.

I'm one of a number people trying to pass on this sad news to as many people as possible, who knew Ian.  Ian was a very frequent visitor to this message board and a regular contributor to discussions about the club he cared so passionately for.   

The funeral will be in Sheffield next Thursday morning at 10:30.  You can contact me if you wish to attend and I'll let you have further details.


 Keith Sherratt


-- Posted by Gary B on 12:29 pm on May 17, 2001

Many of us one here knew Ian White and if we didn't we'd all certainly heard of him

For several years now Ian has been a regular visitor and contributor to Valemail and the message board and love him or loathe him there was never any doubt that his heart was in the right place and his passion for Port Vale was unquestionable.

Some supporters, particularly Stokies loved to hate him as he loved to hate sjoke as Ian called them and that made him all the more likeable to Valiants.

The saying "Vale til I die" is used frequently by supporters but I'm sure that Ian still is and always will be black and white through and through despite what is a tragic and very premature end to his life.

My thoughts are with Henry Rudgie White

Rest In Peace Ian

For those that knew Ian - would anyone be interested in making a donation for flowers and a possible donation towards  little Henry Rudgie White?

If people are interested then they should either call in at the club (Marketing Department) and ask for Gary, or reply to me at gary.benson@port-vale.co.uk

-- Posted by Tim B on 12:36 pm on May 17, 2001

This brings everything else into perspective. Totally tragic.

Sincere condolences to all Ian's friends & family.

-- Posted by bycarsboys on 1:11 pm on May 17, 2001

sincere condolences to all Ian's family and freinds. It was always a pleasure to read his posts because you knew what he said come from the heart of a Vale fanatic R.I.P my freind and UP THE VALE !!!!!!!!  

-- Posted by kirsty on 1:15 pm on May 17, 2001

I will definetly make a donation Gary.

My thoughts go out to Ian's family and friends and little Henry.

-- Posted by Redditch Valiant on 1:15 pm on May 17, 2001

I never met Ian, but his postings always made me smile. Deepest and heartfelt sympathies to his family and friends.

-- Posted by Guernsey Dave on 1:27 pm on May 17, 2001

I  seriously hope  this is not a wind up.   Sad  news  indeed is its true.


-- Posted by AndyK on 1:37 pm on May 17, 2001

This is one hell of a shock. I never met Ian but I felt like I knew him from all his messages. This message board will be  all the worse or his absence. Condolences to his family.

-- Posted by Tom Miller on 2:35 pm on May 17, 2001

I'm very shocked and I really don't know what to say. I'm sure Ian will be greatly missed but all of us Vale fans, and indeed even some Stokies too. He was a familiar face at Vale Park having followed Vale home and away for the last 20 years from his Sheffield home, and founded the famous "Sheffield Travelling Valiants" supporters group. I feel lucky to have had the chance to travel with him to many matches over the last few years, indeed, we travelled to Luton togerther only a couple of weeks ago. He will be sadly missed.

His funeral will take place next Thursday in Sheffield.

Tom Miller

(formerly of Sheffield Traveling Valiants).

Sheffield Travelling Valiants

-- Posted by Neil Hughes on 3:41 pm on May 17, 2001

I would like to express my deep sorrow at this news and would like to pass on my condolances to Ians family and friends.

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-- Posted by Pie Man on 4:03 pm on May 17, 2001

I'd like to express my deepest sympathy to Ian's Family.

-- Posted by Glenn on 4:41 pm on May 17, 2001

I'm completely shocked by this.

It is just 12 days since we were off to Luton together, Ian, Tom Miller, Rob W and me, and Ian seemed in fine form.

In fact, better than he had been for a while.

His son, Henry, growing up, and Ian doting on him.

A new girlfriend, after the earlier split-up of his marriage.

Back on the road with the STVs, including a fantastic weekend in Cardiff.

And the General Election coming up, and every chance of his beloved Labour Party winning.

I really can't believe this.

Ian, what have you gone and done that for, you silly bugger ?


-- Posted by Glenn on 4:43 pm on May 17, 2001

IMHO, no flowers, so all donations go to Henry, would be to the best effect.

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-- Posted by Macko on 4:46 pm on May 17, 2001

As a Stokie I came to look on Ian as a pain in the backside at times, but at least his posts were always humorous and intelligent, and no one could doubt his total passion for the club he followed. I may have thought he was misguided in his choice of club, but I have always admired the fan who sticks with club through thick and thin, and lets face it both sides of the potteries have seen plenty of thin recently!

It's a tragedy in the real sense of the word, and my thoughts and condolences go out to his family.


-- Posted by cookie on 5:09 pm on May 17, 2001

I'm very sad indeed to hear of this.

My condolences go to all who were close to ian.

-- Posted by BFB on 6:15 pm on May 17, 2001

I have just found out that Ian White the Sheffield Travelling Valiant has died. I am not really interested in how or why he has died just the fact that he is no longer with us.

For most of the last 20 years Ian has been my nemesis, the person I most loved to hate. My best enemy, someone I could have a good snipe and argument with. Who could forget the shock felt when Ian admitted to wanting a good job and house. His delight at the friendly victory Vale had over Stoke and his utter horror when I agreed that Vale deserved to win. The away matches I went to the Vale with him in my late teens and the awful Beresford Port Vale bus. His brief refusal to drink Bass when he found out that Bass owned Carling who were sponsoring Stoke at the time. The naming of his son after John Rudge.  His standing as a candidate for Sheffield in his Vale scarf. The mail messages with photo attachments that took an age to download. His campaign against Bill Bell and his refusal to understand John Rudges  move to Stoke.

Port Vale football club to me will always be linked with Ian for now and forever. That maniac from Sheffield who keeps us all amused with his works of  fiction in the sentinel and his rambling on the various message boards.  Until the last few years Ian dedicated at lot of his life and money to supporting Vale home and away from his base in Sheffield. Something only a true football fan and not a glory hunter would do.

Local football to me will never be the same again, something will be missing from now on.


-- Posted by mica on 6:25 pm on May 17, 2001

There was a time when Ian and I had many happy battles, with an undercurrent of friendly emails besides the web site posts. I'm very sorry to hear this news.

Sending UK currency from where I live is a total pain but if someone wants to make a contribution to his son on my behalf I'll pay them back the next time I'm Stoke/IBPU-bound.


-- Posted by TCB on 6:32 pm on May 17, 2001

I'm shattered.

This is a tragedy.

I had met Ian, and though he and I frequently clashed

politically, it was knockabout stuff, and he was the loudest, but most affable and likeable fellow to meet.

He was a passionate bloke, where it came to politics

and football. Perhaps, as has been said elsewhere,

occasionally a little too passionate. But he wouldn't

have been Ian had he not been like that.

He was devoted to his son, Henry.

God rest Ian, give him peace, and heal the hearts now

broken by his absence. God guide those who have care

of Henry, that he may be cared for, and he may always

know who his father was, and how much his father loved him. Amen.

I shall miss him. He was part of the furniture which made up Vale for me - we'll all be the poorer for his loss.

If I may use a metaphor, Ian was the pinch of yeast

which made the bread rise, the hint of mustard which

gave the  meal its flavour.


-- Posted by Dave Frith on 6:37 pm on May 17, 2001

I can't say that I knew Ian White particularly well or even got on with him when I did meet him on a few occasions. My only contact with him was via the message boards. Ian was an expert wind-up merchant, particularly when Vale had got the better of Stoke (on more occasions for my liking:-)), and I remember some real message board battles over the Britannia Stadium when it was first built. I hardly ever agreed with what Ian had to say, and I daresay he felt the same about me, but we were both passionate about our clubs and that was the most important thing.

This is terrible news and my condolensces go out to his friends and family, and of course, and most importantly, young Henry Rudgie.

Losing a football game seems a bit trivial when you consider that a young boy has just lost his dad.

-- Posted by moz11 on 6:43 pm on May 17, 2001

Sincere condolences to Ian's family and especially his son, Henry.

I will be making my donation a.s.a.p.

Posted by EVE6 on 6:46 pm on May 17, 2001

Tragic news just like to add my condolences to Ian's friends and family .

-- Posted by Tenement Funster on 6:49 pm on May 17, 2001

What a shock! I just can't believe it. Again I never met him but that has never mattered on this messageboard.

My deepest condolences.

-- Posted by birdy on 7:14 pm on May 17, 2001

First time I met him was on Devonshire Green at a free fetival in Sheffield, wearing the Vale away top, ace there's at least two of us in the city.

Full of passion & pride for the Vale.

I just wish there were a few more like you out there.

Thourghts with the family and friends.

Ian, we'll sing on for you.

North London Valiants

& ex Sheffield Valiant

-- Posted by PhillM on 7:48 pm on May 17, 2001

I never met Ian but, like most people who post here, I go to know him a little through this board.

My deepest condolences to his family and especially his son.

God be with him.  May he rest in peace.

-- Posted by Tone on 8:27 pm on May 17, 2001

I must add my reaction to this tragic news. I met Ian a couple of times, but it was through Valemail, the messageboard and chatting with him on IM's that I really felt I knew Ian. We all know how passionate he was and he will be a great loss to us all, but by no means in comparison to Henry's loss. I am sadly away from the country next week but would like to contribute to the fund for Henry. Where do we send donations Gary?

I'm stunned.....

Don't really know what more to say.... except God rest his soul.


-- Posted by RobW on 8:45 pm on May 17, 2001

I've been looking at this thread on and off for much of the day, and it's still only just sinking in.

I only met Ian once, only the other week in fact, when I went to Luton with him, Glenn and Tom Miller. I know him mainly from his posts on here.

It was obvious that he was passionate about Vale and his beliefs, and Vale and the ideals he believed in will suffer his loss.

It really is terrible news, and my thoughts are with his friends and family, especially his son Henry Rudgie White.

-- Posted by Ben on 8:58 pm on May 17, 2001

again, i never knew him but was pointed out to him several times. i dont mean this in a sarcastic way but his bright green fleece and old vale away top will be missed......

i cant believe it. i saw him (from afar) at the notts county game when there were all them screaming kids as he called them in the family stand


-- Posted by shag on 9:00 pm on May 17, 2001



-- Posted by Gary B on 10:07 pm on May 17, 2001

For anyone wishing to make a dionation I think there is a trust being set-up for little Henry and hopefully there will be more information available within the next few days.

anyone wishing to make a cash donation can call in the marketing department, just ask for Gary and I'll gladly pass on any cash or cheques

-- Posted by Mel on 10:56 pm on May 17, 2001

I'm completely staggered. Ian always, from his posts, seemed a chap who was full of life and to hear of his death coming in the manner it did - words cannot express. I sometimes 'had a go' - in the nicest possible way - for his being negative on the board but he obviously had a big heart and cared passionately about Vale, his political ideals and his family.

I don't know whether Ian had any religious faith but God will surely receive him with open arms. Condolences to his family.

-- Posted by gavcradd on 11:45 pm on May 17, 2001

My condolences to his family, and especially to little Henry. I must be in the minority having never met Ian, but his posts on this board always lightened up my day. God bless.

-- Posted by ChrisR on 1:28 am on May 18, 2001

I'm completely stunned..........what more can I say that hasn't already been said.

I may not have agreed with everything Ian said and believed in, but he could never be ignored! The sight of that battered brown leather jacket will be sadly missed.

RIP Ian.

-- Posted by Derek W on 9:32 am on May 18, 2001

I read this yesterday and I'm still stunned.  I met Ian a few times and I'm in disbelief.  My thoughts are with Ian's family and friends.

-- Posted by Big G on 9:34 am on May 18, 2001

ok, stuff like this, as Rob W says, takes a while to sink in but i now feel i should say something

Ian will be greatly missed...

my friend sent me a text yesterday to bring this thread to my attention and he was as shocked as i am...

Although (like many others) i'd never met Ian, i know he cared passionately about the club and couldn't wait to see the back of Bell! :)

My deepest sympathy goes out to all his friends and family...

R.I.P - Ian White...

-- Posted by Add Brown on 11:08 am on May 18, 2001

It gave me goosebumps to read the heart felt sorrow of many fellow messageboard Vale Fans.  I enjoyed communicating with Ian through this messageboard as his posts were always intelligent and he was not afraid to say what he thought.

What a terrible tragedy.

Rest in Peace Ian.

-- Posted by Glenn on 11:34 am on May 18, 2001

Quote: from mica on 6:25 pm on May 17, 2001

There was a time when Ian and I had many happy battles, with an undercurrent of friendly emails besides the web site posts. I'm very sorry to hear this news.

Sending UK currency from where I live is a total pain but if someone wants to make a contribution to his son on my behalf I'll pay them back the next time I'm Stoke/IBPU-bound.



I'll sort it out for you.

Please drop me a quick email, as I'm having trouble getting through to yours.



-- Posted by Mark Wolstanton on 1:36 pm on May 18, 2001

My relationship with Ian mirrors that described by Mica.

This is very sad news. My thoughts are with his family, particularly his young son whom I pray is given every opportunity possible in life despite this tradgedy.

Wherever Ian is, I hope he has found a pc, minus caps lock of course.


-- Posted by Derek W on 1:37 pm on May 18, 2001

I think there should be something in the first day match programme on Ian and his passion for following PVFC.  He literally did clock up well over a 100K miles in his Cavalier following his beloved team.  He will be missed.

-- Posted by JonnyBravo on 1:59 pm on May 18, 2001

Could some of the money vale won for winning the fairplay league be donated.It sounds like a truly worth cause to me

-- Posted by Keith on 2:58 pm on May 18, 2001

For those wishing to attend Ian’s cremation, it will be held at Hutcliffe Wood Crematorium, Abbey Lane, Sheffield on Thursday 24th May at 10:30am.

There are some wonderful sentiments expressed about Ian in this thread and they show how many people have been left reeling with shock at Ian’s tragic departure.  A trust fund is being set up for Henry (in fact Ian’s Will mandates this) and I will let everyone know when this is done.

I first met Ian 23 years ago when I started high school in Stoke-on-Trent and was intrigued by the tall skinny lad in my class who for some reason didn’t support Liverpool or Man Utd like every other 11 year old I knew.  He just kept going on about the Vale.  Six months later I was sat on a knackered old Beresford’s bus on my way to Vale Park with him.  I’ve been to a few hundred more matches since, but only ever attended two when Ian wasn’t either stood or sat next to me.

As one of the executors of his Will I’ve been entrusted to carry out his final wishes.  I thought I’d share the following extract from his Will with his friends here on the message board….

“… My ashes shall be sprinkled on Vale Park Burslem Stoke-on-Trent irrespective of cost or legality.  i.e. leg in over a hoarding and get me on the pitch before kick-off if you have to…”

I’m sure you’ll agree that this sums up Ian to a tee.

RIP Ian.

-- Posted by Mark Heyward on 3:34 pm on May 18, 2001

I just want to reitterate what everybody else has said.Ian was a genuinely lovely, passionate bloke.I'll always remember the Flat-Cap March up to the ground that (I think)he helped to organise.I went up to him and told him that he should be proud of himself for what he'd done and I shook his hand.I'll never forget the way he really beamed with pride.What a bloke.

Can't the club create something permanent in his memory-I dunno,a tree or something?

R.I.P Ian.

-- Posted by Gary B on 3:43 pm on May 18, 2001

Having spoken to Club Secretary Bill Lodey yesterday and Director Andrew Belfield today I'm pleased to say that Keith won't have to "leg it over the hoardings before kick-off" to sprinkle Ian's ashes over the pitch although knowing Ian he'd probably have preferred to do that.

Andrew Belfield also said that whilst Ian often didn't see eye to eye with the board of directors he supported Port Vale with a passion that was second to none.

He would like to  pass on his sincerest condolences to Ian's family from everyone at Port Vale Football Club following this tragic news

-- Posted by shian on 6:30 pm on May 18, 2001

R I P Ian


-- Posted by arnoldthebat on 7:13 pm on May 18, 2001

RIP Ian.

-- Posted by dubai pete on 8:32 pm on May 18, 2001

I too did not know Ian,but have just spent an hour going back through some off topic postings he made in the last few months.

He strikes me as clever,erudite man with a strong sense of justice and fairplay.What a bloody waste...what a loss for his family and his extended family of fellow Port Vale supporters.


Why at this time with Vale on a high,a trophy in the cabinet,great optimism for next season and his beloved Labour party three weeks away from being returned again to continue their valiant repair and renovation of the awful legacy of Thatchers Britain?

It is truly tragic and an utter waste.

Rest in Peace

-- Posted by Vale4eva on 9:40 pm on May 18, 2001

Although I didn't know Ian it seems he was much loved and respected by all. It truly hurts to lose such greats, my grandad who was Vale through and through died in March, but it does become easier. I'll never forget crying at Cardiff for him becuase I was so proud of the Vale winning the cup and staying up for him. It was after his death that we started playing like Brazil. Lets get behind the lads next year and win the league for Ian and his lad. RIP Ian White- always respected never to be forgotten.

-- Posted by Corinne on 1:14 pm on May 19, 2001

Deepest condolences from Rýchard and I.


-- Posted by ian on 8:42 pm on May 19, 2001

Thanks for all the nice things you say about Ian.   To know that so many people knew him and cared about him helps to deal with what happened.  He was a Vale til he died and I hope that he will always be remembered as one...

Annemie (Ian's partner)

-- Posted by DMF on 9:22 pm on May 19, 2001

I only knew of Ian through his posts and letters to the Sentinel but I'm shocked and saddened to read the terrible news of what's happened. I too would like to offer my condolences to his family and friends.

-- Posted by the tench on 10:21 pm on May 20, 2001

condolences to all concerned,the message board will be poorer for his passing.



-- Posted by ValeDave on 3:06 am on May 21, 2001

From Valiants near and far.........

R.I.P. Ian





-- Posted by Stephen on 9:02 am on May 21, 2001

I never met Ian neither, but we "talked" vis e-mail, esp. at the time of the Matchboard sponsorship some years ago and the Rudgie flat cap march.  Words are not enough, and fail me, anyway.  I'd be proud to contribute to the fund.

This is Ian's brother. Can I thank everybody for their contributions. What is being written here is going to be a tremendous comfort to Ian's mum June,to Henry and his mum Jennyfer, to his step-dad Derek,to the family of his late dad Arnold (and to me).

I have a 'photo of Ian at Cardiff. He looks so happy.We won the cup and he was with his beautiful,gentle partner Annemie.

Ian's dad was Vale through and through.Let's hope Henry is. We'll do our best! Thank you so much for doing this everybody.

-- Posted by Glenn on 3:17 pm on May 21, 2001

Hallo Mark,

It would be very nice if you could send a copy of that photograph to Gary Benson -

Gary's email

- and perhaps it could be included somewhere in this site.

All the best,


(Edited by Glenn at 3:20 pm on May 21, 2001)

-- Posted by Gary B on 10:58 am on May 22, 2001

As requested a photo of Ian and Annemie at The Millennium Stadium on 22nd April following Vale's 2-1 win over Brentford in the LDV Vans Trophy Final

-- Posted by Glenn on 3:34 pm on May 22, 2001

Thanks very much, Gary.

Fantastic photo, one to save.


-- Posted by Glenn on 5:01 pm on May 22, 2001

Thank you also to Mark for the photo.

-- Posted by Glenn on 9:11 pm on May 22, 2001


Any advance on details of payments towards Henry's Trust Fund ?

-- Posted by David Carter on 11:32 am on May 23, 2001

Deepest condolences from supporters of Middlesbrough FC who knew Ian from when he was studying at Teesside Polytechnic and was active in our local Labour Party. We remember him leading a pitch invasion at Ayresome Park when Boro were promoted after one season in the old Division 3 at the end of 1986/87 season. If anything good can come of this, let us hope it will make more people aware of the tragedy of mental illness and support the provision of more funding to combat it.

-- Posted by Glenn on 1:24 pm on May 23, 2001

Hello David,

Messageboard message sent to you.

Please click the flashing envelope at the top of the page.

-- Posted by Tonoa Vale on 10:43 am on May 24, 2001

My sincerest condolances to all who knew Ian.  He will be missed.

-- Posted by RobW on 12:50 pm on May 24, 2001

TCB's excellent obituary to Ian can be found here -


Ian White: Obituary

By Tommy Cheadle's bootlaces

Date: 24/5/2001

To all who had the pleasure of knowing him - Ian White was the most passionate of Vale supporters. After his sad passing away on the 15th May, our columnist Tommy Cheadle's Bootlaces pays tribute to a valiant man.


I know now that football is 'on the side of the angels'.

If you let it, it can enrich you. Let me tell you how.

There are friends I have, and people whose acquaintance I've made whose paths might never have crossed mine if it wasn't for our love of our club, or our love of the game. By that, I don't just mean that I've found like minds and have bumped into them because of football - there are people whose company and acquaintance I might not have had any cause or opportunity to make in any other way - and how much poorer I would have been!

I'm fortunate to have a pal who is a St. Mirren fan - 'Big Kenny fae Paisley' - and quite honestly, Kenny and myself wouldn't have met in a million years other than through football. Kenny's background, his life, his job - all mean that we probably wouldn't have been moving in the same circles, but I'm glad to say that our shared love of St.Mirren F.C. (they're my 'other' team) has meant that I've a friend who I value enormously, whose perspective on life is refreshing and different from mine.I also know that Kenny is a feller who I'll probably know for the rest of my life.

Another person I might never have come across, except through Port Vale F.C. was Ian White.

Ian passed away on May 15th, and his passing came as a total shock to all who knew him. A good many Port Vale regulars and not a few Stoke City fans will have come across Ian - a firebrand, John the Baptist figure of a feller, who felt and lived life passionately, and who was one of the most committed and devoted chaps I ever came across, both to Port Vale, and to his political ideals.

Ian was a larger than life character. I met him only once, in the 'Crown' in Burslem, before the last home game (vs Wolves) of Vale's last game in Division One. There were about twenty or thirty other people in the room we were in, but I couldn't not notice Ian. He was proclaiming his ideas, to anyone who would listen, and was at times opposed pretty vociferously, but the thing I noticed about him was that he had this disarming, winning smile. Some folk might think he was talking through his hat - but you couldn't help but like him.

At the game, when half time came I was handing out red cards for the red card protest,when Ian sang/called from the front of the Lorne Street Stand, 'Tommy, Tommy, give us a song!' It may not sound like much, but actually it was one of those moments when you feel like you belong - it was a friendly gesture.

I'm afraid I didn't sing - my children have warned me not to. Even in the bath.

Ian did talk some sense - notably on the current direction the Club is taking off the field. Ian was one of the leading lights in the 'Flat Cap March' which along with several hundreds, I participated in. You always knew he was at a game too - you could spot his huge tatty banner 'Sheffield Travelling Valiants'.

It travelled around a fair old bit in his famous Vauxhall Cavalier - which had done enough mileage to get most of the way to the Moon, if memory serves. Ian used to tell a story about how he was rescued on his way to a match when his car left the road and nearly came to grief. None other than Kevin Kent came to his aid. He would also tell of the seasons when he never missed a game, home or away, and was almost sacked from one job as a result. He actually DID lose another job through his devotion to Vale.

His son, Henry was as precious to him as breath, food and water.

Ian was a supporter's supporter. We mourn the passing of greats on the field, but if we take a walk around to the back of the new Lorne Street development, there are the names of people who have loved this Club - the greats off the field. Ian was one of them, and we are all the poorer for his passing.

A few years ago, I went to a Vale game (against Oxford United I think!) and sat in the Family Stand with my son, and my Dad.

I went to buy some drinks, and paused on my way back, and looked at my Dad, chatting to my boy - an empty seat for me. And I could feel the presence of my Grandfather, a Port Vale fan from way back, who died in the mid 1970s - and I knew that the Club would always evoke my family for me. It would always evoke friends I'd laughed and cheered with. I could only really love this club because it was where I belonged. It is why the Club is about so much more than just football.

In these times when people grimly comment on the passing of community, the Club is all about community. The crowd - us - are more than a sea of faces, they're a sea of familiar faces, a community of faces which time doesn't diminish or thin out - faces of those with us now, those with us in the past - but all still with us.

Ian's will always be one of those familiar faces - amid the sea of faces which carries on.

Ian's expressed will for his ashes was that they be sprinkled on the field at Vale Park - a wish that the Club has gracefully agreed to. In a typical turn of phrase, Ian had asked:

"… My ashes shall be sprinkled on Vale Park Burslem Stoke-on-Trent irrespective of cost or legality. i.e. leg it over a hoarding and get me on the pitch before kick-off if you have to…"

For all of us who knew him, Port Vale will always bring about, somewhere in our memories, friends, family, and of course, Ian - his smile, his friendship, and his relentless eagerness for life.

(c) www.onevalefan.co.uk

-- Posted by Gary B on 10:51 pm on May 24, 2001

It was Ian's funeral today at the Hutcliffe Crematorium in Sheffield. I travelled up there with former director Neil Hughes, Neil was probably one of the few directors in recent times that Ian ever got on with.

Ian was the same age as myself and it was particularly moving for me to see little Henry there at just 5 years old, the same age as my son, looking pretty oblivious to what was happenning. It's usch a sad sad loss for a lovely little boy.

On what was an absolutely glorious day, not a cloud in the sky, in beautiful surroundings of the peak district there was a good 'turnout' if that's the word to use which showed just how popular Ian was and how sadly he'll be missed by all his friends and family.

I'm glad to say that one particular friend of Ian's that was there was John Rudge and I'm sure that Ian would have been looking down and been absolutely thrilled to bits.

It isn't difficult to see what Ian saw in Rudgie and why he admired him so much. Rudgie really is a top bloke isn't he.

I'm sure many of you will remember the part Ian played in organising the Flat Cap March and whilst it took Ian a while to 'come to terms' with Rudgie going to Stoke he never gave in trying to convince Rudgie of the error of his ways as he wrote to him a number of times after the move.

In the service some of Ian's campaigns as Vale supporter and Labour supporter were detailed, many of which had everyone laughing and smiling as they bought back memories of what made Ian, Ian. I'm sure he'd have been  beaming proudly as his hatred for Stoke and their defeat against Blythe Spartans all managed to find a way in to the service in a light hearted and humorous way that even Rudgie could chuckle away to himself at.

As we all left we were all handed a small card with a photograph of Ian on it which simply said



the bestest Dad in the world

the bestest at giving hugz

the wildest driver

the most dedicated Vale fan

the one who made things happen in politics

and most of all, the friend who was always there

We Miss You Ian

I hope you have found peace my bear



RIP Ian White

For those wanting to know details of the trust fund for Henry, I'll pass details on as soon as I have them

-- Posted by birdy on 11:26 pm on May 24, 2001

I too, was in Sheffield today, with a couple of other Valiants.

It was great to here so many stories about him & PV, and his life.

It was a sad day, but also a day of celebration about Ians 110% Commitment to Henry, Vale, Politics etc etc.

Beautiful service & as i said before we'll keep singing for you mate. RIP.

North London Valiants

-- Posted by KathrynAnn on 12:22 am on May 25, 2001

Despite being a close friend of Ian's, I never quite understood his passion for Port Vale...after all, it was football!  Being a good rugby lass, I thought he was simply confused.

But his passion for the club always shone through.  The last time I saw Ian, it was to welcome him to Cardiff about five weeks ago for the Leyland Daf Trophy final.  I was really proud of our fantastic Millennium Stadium, and after the game (despite the rain!) he raved about our ground...although did this have something to do with the result??!

Having been to Ian's funeral in Sheffield today, I know how honoured he would have been to have had Rudgie there...I hope that those of you who knew Ian through Port Vale will always remember him, and his passion for the game.....whenever I hear the words "Port Vale" I will think of him



-- Posted by Neil Hughes on 8:01 am on May 25, 2001

Although it was a very sad day, I was privleged to attend the funeral yesterday of Ian White. So.. he sometimes drove you up the wall with his utterings.. but his passion for PVFC was never in question and I can recall many telephone conversations late into the evening between us...

He will be sadly missed and I hope people will support generously the Trust Fund for little Henry.

Ian White - top bloke - RIP

-- Posted by Ziggy on 10:20 am on May 25, 2001

I first read this thread a week ago & it's taken me this long to respond due to my utter shock & disbelief!   

"Derek I'm Gutted" is my only response.

Perhaps we could re-name the "Away supporters club player of the year trophy" after Ian & the STV's??

Ian, who I only had direct contact with through the msg's was, as he commented, my "twin"   (same  kind of job, political views, vale views, twisted SOH etc.) I will never be able to physically meet him !!

Goodbye to a person I had the utmost respect for, gained in an indirect way in the past and recently directly but impersonally, in a short space of time. With Ian I intuitivly knew that if I thought something he would usually think the same.

-- Posted by markwhite on 12:49 pm on May 25, 2001

Ian's brother again. Words can't express the support that we have had from Vale fans far and wide and yesterday would have made him so proud.

I've just finished talking to Gary.We are putting a brick in Lorne Street for Ian. When we've done that I'll tell people where it is.

Ian's ashes will be going to Vale soon and,again,I'll tell people when we've done that.

Finally,for now we'll be sponsoring the ball in his memory one day next season and I will ask Gary to publicise that nearer the time.

take care everybody.

-- Posted by AndyK on 4:47 pm on May 25, 2001

Reading about the funeral just makes it all seem so much sadder that it happened. Why on earth did he do it? I guess there's no real answer to that one, is there? It does sound as if he had an excellent send-off, though.

-- Posted by Tom Miller on 4:48 pm on May 25, 2001

I too was privalaged to be at Ian's funeral yesterday, where some very fitting tributes were made. I'm sure Ian would have been thrilled that John Rudge was there.

Rudgie was reminiscing of his memories of Ian, be they the personal meetings, the many letters Ian wrote to him suggesting improvements at the Vale, and of course, tha flat cap march, brilliantly organised by Ian.

Personally, I'll always remember Ian every time I go to Vale Park from now on. I used to have a season ticket next to him on the Bycars and travelled to many games both home and away witn him from Sheffield. It won't be the same next season, with him not being there any more.

I'll always remember some of the crazy things we did together. His son Henry's first game at Vale Park, when Henry must have been about 3. It was Vale v WBA and Lee Hughes scored a hat-trick as we lost 0-3. Ian was torn between trying to cheer the Vale on and looking after Henry, who had decided (quite wisely) that the game wasn't much to watch and it was much more fun crawling randomly all over the Bycars underneath everyone's legs!

Blowing up 843 balloons in a pub in Ipswich to take into Portman Road to commerorate Rudgie in the first game after his sacking. You had to be there to see it. I've never tried blowing up a balloon since! All Ian's idea - his first tribute to Rudgie.

Some of the away reserve matches we went to in Yorkshire. We were mentioned in the Sheff Wednesday fanzine after one particulary mad night at Hillsborough (John Rudge said yesterday that this was one of his personal favourite memories of Ian). Ian sang his heart out for 90 minutes. A few weeks later we went to Barnsley reserves (away) in a thunderstorm. The players were looking at Ian thinking "Oh no, not him again, he's crazy and he'll be getting on our backs if we don't play well!". In fact the only player Ian "got at" that night was Robbie Van Der Laan of  Barnsley, but they exchanged a few nice words at the end.

Some of the road trips we did. It was always an adrenaline-filled adventure, travelling with Ian.

But my best memory of Ian was when Vale finally won away at Sheffield Utd. Ian had lived in Sheffield for over a decade but had never seen Vale win at Bramall Lane, and had taken quite a bit of stick off the locals over the years. Finally, we won 3-1 there last year, and I've never seen a smile as wide as Ian's was at the end of the game in all my life.

Here is a story about Ian which I believe to be true. In the early 1990's Ian was on his was from Sheffield to Stoke for a Stoke v Vale game at the Victoria Ground, when he was involved in a bad car smash with a telegraph pole. Apparently the only thing he was concerned about when the emergency services arrived was the whereabouts of his match ticket, which had been on his dashboard. He insisted he was taken straight to the Victoria Ground rather than to a hospital, and went to the game covered in blood. Only afterwards did he take himself to a hospital to get the glass fragments removed. His devotion to Port Vale was incredible.

Rest in Peace, Ian. You will be greatly missed.

Tom Miller

(formerly of Sheffield Travelling Valiants, 1997-2000).

-- Posted by Keith on 5:11 pm on May 25, 2001

It certainly is true Tom.  I had to drive him to the hospital after the match.  I remember the look on the face of the nurse at the A&E check-in desk when she asked Ian some questions;

Nurse: "Hmm, when did this happen"

Ian: "Err, about 3 hours ago"

Nurse: "What! Where have you been until now?"

Ian: "At a football match"

Nurse:  Silence

When Ian hit the telegraph pole his car ended up upside down, and the first thing he did was start to scrabble around for his ticket whilst still hanging upside down supported by his seat belt.

It all sounds too ridiculous to be true, but believe me every word of it is.


-- Posted by ian on 8:41 pm on May 28, 2001

I just wanted to let you know that tomorrow (Tuesday) at 3pm, we're coming to Stoke, to sprinkle Ian's ashes on his favorite football ground.  If anyone would like to attend, we can meet in front of the Vale shop at 2.50pm.  I know I put the message a bit late on the messageboard,but I still hope to meet some of his Vale family there.


-- Posted by RobW on 1:01 am on May 29, 2001

I'll be there.

-- Posted by markwhite on 8:43 am on May 30, 2001

Ian's brother. We took Ian to the Vale yesterday afternoon. Keith said a few words and we bought Henry a Boomer the mascot toy. Vale were brilliant and special thanks to Gary. Take care everybody.

2nd May 1967 to 15 May 2001

Rest in peace

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