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Mainly Marcus

Mainly Marcus

Before I had Marcus I’d have preferred a girl,

Now I wouldn’t change Marcus for the world,

When Marcus was born I’d have been happy to give birth to a kitten,

But pretty soon after by my son Marcus I was smitten,

Before Marcus was born, before I was a mummy,

When he was inside me, in my tummy,

You could feel him rejoice,

Whenever he heard his daddy’s voice

As up went his little heartbeat,

It was if his dad he couldn’t wait to meet,

They have a very strong bond,

And of each other are very fond,

They both feel for each other infinity love,

And it is a beautiful thing, like two turtle doves,

With Marcus I love the way Steve says “right sonny boy”

And for me and Steve, Marcus brings a lot of joy,

When I told my dad I was pregnant he said “oh dear”,

It seemed to me he didn’t want to be near,

He walked away into the back of the house,

Things went very quiet; as quiet as a mouse,

But then he came back and me did congratulate,

For being in a pregnant state,

He gave me a kiss on my cheek,

Which I think was pretty sweet,

To school Marcus has never been late,

Which is truly great,

And his attendance at school is 100%,

And my dad when alive was a true gent,

He was the exact opposite of Steve,

But I think with Steve, he was quite pleased,

When I rang my parents to tell them I was engaged,

It was when Steve was 51, just past middle age,

And my dad said “how wonderful”,

He was very pleased, I could tell,

Yes he was definitely pleased,

I was engaged to my Steve,

Although he never complained about us not being married,

I think over the threshold he wanted me carried,

He never complained or said,

But he was very happy on the day we were wed,

And my mum, she said, “and what did you say?”

She didn’t assume I said “Yay”

I told her I said yes

I think she might have guessed,

When I had Marcus it was a shock,

Thankfully the trauma of the caesarean I forgot,

Into sleeplessness and motherhood I was thrust,

And it took me a little while to adjust,

At six weeks old he started to smile,

He smiled like it was the latest style,

When at three months old he started to roll over,

I was happy, like a kid who’d found a four leaf clover,

When Marcus was a baby he once did scream for 3 hours on his own

Then he realised there was no point as he was alone

He never did that again,

When he found nobody came,

Steve is a strong father figure,

And Marcus in his walker at him did snigger,

Marcus didn’t usually laugh in bed,

But always squealed when landing upon Steve’s head,

His squeals of joy, louder than any cat,

The best memory of my life was that,

We’ve been lucky with Marcus with nature

And Steve has been great with nurture,

He is quite strict,

And to Marcus he can be a bitch,

Obviously I’m having a joke,

Steve is a good dad and a good bloke,

But sometimes with Marcus he had to be strict

Because bad behaviour had to be fixed,

Eliminate it, don’t tolerate bad behaviour,

Did Steve put up with it, do me a favour,

Steve, bad behaviour had to eliminate,

Especially as my health wasn’t great,

Fortunately for us, Marcus has always been very mature,

Much more than Steve and me, that’s for sure,

At nursery he went to the adults, to him that was common sense,

Marcus has never been short of confidence,

Marcus has always been blond, cute, happy and clever,

Do I regret having him, no, no way, not ever,

He’s a really cute kid,

The best things I ever did,

Marcus was an accident not a mistake,

And if he was, the best one I’ve ever made,

At six months he started to crawl,

Even though he was still very small,

He crawled up every stair,

And of the danger Steve was aware,

So he walked up behind him,

As his mobile life did begin,

At 10 months old he started to sleep through the night,

For Steve this was a real delight,

No more sleepless nights, from 10 months old,

For Steve he’s always been as good as gold,

With him in his walker, along by my scooter I did him drag,

It was a funny sight; he was a good lad,

We went me and Marcus, I pulled him along,

That’s why together we did belong,

Often we went to Tesco,

By scooter and walker, off we did go,

I chanted I’m buying bread for Marcus Wright,

To help him sleep through the night

And when in Tesco, Marcus was not very quiet,

In fact I’m surprised he didn’t cause a riot,

Because he liked picking up food from the shelves,

In the shelves, he often did delve,

Another time with Marcus I went to town,

There I scooted all around

Then with the scooter I didn’t see the kerb,

Until it was too late for me to swerve,

I was going to Argos to get Shaun the Sheep,

When you pulled the lambs tail, it did bleat,

But we didn’t get Shaun the Sheep that day,

After the accident there was no way,

In the accident I fell,

So did Marcus as well,

Thankfully Marcus did bounce,

And a passing lady on him did pounce,

Next minute he was eating Jelly Babies,

I will always be grateful to this lady,

So I got in the ambulance and went to A&E

Yes we went to accident and emergency,

There they found, I’d broken my thumb,

Believe me, that day was no fun,

The next day I went back and they did operate,

For they had to set my thumb bone straight,

This meant I got a lower arm pot,

I wish by the kerb I had stopped,

I made it to Florida and it was still good fun,

I couldn’t swim but I could still enjoy the sun,

In six weeks the pot came off and again I could swim,

My life with swimming could again begin,

At thirteen months old, Marcus let go of the wall,

And I was afraid he would fall,

But no he took his first steps,

I was amazed; it’s a moment I’ll never forget,

Pretty soon everywhere he did walk,

And me and Steve he did stalk,

Everywhere he went a-toddling,

Following us like a duckling waddling,

When Marcus was a toddler he couldn’t say again,

So every time he said undeng, undeng,

At the age of four,

Was the first time Marcus swore,

He said it’s fucking raining and he said it correct,

He was careful in the swear word he did select,

Steve asked, “Marcus where did you hear that word?”

From you dad, is where he said he’d heard,

So Steve could hardly be mad,

As he’d learnt it from his ‘great’ dad,

In fact I think Steve felt quite proud,

Though swearing, Marcus usually says, is not allowed,

On swearing he is quite tough,

He thinks, enough is enough,

He says to me, “Language Timothy”,

He prefers English to be swear free,

Marcus my son is 11 years old,

And generally he’s as good as gold,

But in the mornings sometimes his teeth he forgets to brush,

And getting off for school is in a rush,

At school Marcus is good at Maths,

And is near the top of his class,

He usually gets a very good report

And at Dobcroft, by great teachers, is he taught,

I pick him up from school,

Usually on Tuesday as a rule,

Once on the way home Marcus said “Mum give me a sum”,

So I quickly thought of one

What is, I asked, 144 squared,

Most kids, to answer, would not have tried or dared,

By the time he got home, he’d worked it out,

He checked with a calculator so there was no doubt,

He’d got it exactly right,

Much to my surprised delight,

Also animal, vegetable or mineral is a game we play,

Who is best I will not say,

Actually my brother at this is the best

And minerals I can never seem to guess

Yes, my brother usually comes first,

Marcus comes second and I am the worst,

We also play the word association game,

The idea is to get back to the word, the very same,

Then the game you have won,

And you pick a new word and a new game is begun,

Grandma and Marcus are very close,

And he’s the grandchild she loves the most,

I know she only has one, so he’s also the worst,

But grandma would only say he comes first,

The worst, no Grandma would never say that,

She adores Marcus and thinks he’s a grand chap,

Marcus has got mine and Grandma’s brain,

And no, that doesn’t make him insane,

He likes making up many a pun,

I think he’s beautiful not just handsome,

At school he needs help with handwriting and grammar,

These he works on with his Grandma,

As a toddler, he used to call grandma, gangma,

She thinks, the best name ever given her by far, far, far,

Marcus loves what he was named,

And the name he would never change,

He would give himself the name Marcus,

And he’s no longer afraid of the darkness,

He’s getting tall now and soon over Grandma he will tower,

He’s like a beautiful blossoming flower,

Marcus can twist his Grandma round his little finger,

And she thinks, at Christmas, he’s a great carol singer,

Marcus and Grandma go on long walks,

And when they do, they have good talks,

When Marcus and my mum go down to the stream,

It’s a very picturesque scene,

Sometimes they walk to the rock,

Actually they do that a lot,

Marcus loves not so much dogs but cats,

He happy when Grandma’s Cleo is sat on his lap,

She’s a cat that doesn’t meow,

No she definitely says Cleow,

Marcus is right Upperthorpe’s name needs to be changed,

Because it’s not very well named,

As it’s at the bottom of a steep hill,

So the naming of this area is not so brill,

He’s right the name that should be taught,

Is that it’s called Downerthorpe,

Marcus has started playing the Trombone,

And no the sound doesn’t make me groan,

He’s good because he’s got very long arms,

And when he plays I don’t feel alarmed,

He’s also about it very enthusiastic,

It’s like he’s playing Trombone Gymnastics,

What I love about Marcus most is his zest for life,

He makes my life worth all its trouble and strife.

Sylvie Wright

June 2017

Marcus and Grandma with me hiding at the back

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